Table of Strokes Names for Chinese Character 常用笔画名称表

Are you writing the Chinese character? Things you must study first is Character stroke. Most of the foreign students is unknown about this basic requirement for writing Chinese character. But Chinese kids start writing Character by using these Character stroke.

Now lets see what is Character stroke?

When you want to start writing Chinese character the stroke will help you to finish it proper sequence and correct writing. For example the character 人 formed by stroke 撇(pie)and 捺(na). There are total 32 basic stroke to write Chinese character.

Table below list the 32 stroke symbol, stroke name and their usage example. It will help you to understand Chinese writing very easily.

SL Stroke
Stroke Name 名称 Example 列子
1 横 héng
2 竖 shù
3 撇 piē
4 点 diǎn
5 横折 héng zhé
6 捺 nà
7 提 héng
8 横折钩 héng zhé gōu
9 竖钩 shù gōu
10 横撇 héng piē
11 横钩 héng gōu
12 竖弯钩 shù wān gōu
13 撇折 piē zhé
14 竖提 shù tí
15 竖折 shù zhé
16 撇点 piē diǎn
17 竖折折钩 shù zhé zhé gōu
18 斜钩 xié gōu
19 横撇弯钩 héng piē wān gōu
20 横折提 héng zhé tí
21 卧钩 wò gōu
22 弯钩 wān gōu
23 横折弯钩 héng zhé wān gōu
24 竖弯 shù wān
25 横折弯 héng zhé wān
26 横折折折钩 héng zhé zhé zhé gōu
27 横斜钩 héng xié gōu
28 横折折撇 héng zhé zhé piē
29 竖折撇 shù zhé piē
30 竖折折 shù zhé zhé
31 横折折 héng zhé zhé
32 横折折折 héng zhé zhé zhé

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