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Why Study Chinese?

Mastering Mandarin will enhance your CV/resume for future employers. It is the most widely spoken language on Earth. So, being able to speak Chinese in a working environment will certainly give you a competitive edge. Having acquired basic Mandarin skills becomes very useful when you [read more…]

Why you choose Smart Chinese Pinyin Teacher?

The formation of Chinese characters is totally different. It has unique pronounciation (PinYin) syllables and technique. The meaning varies on pronounciation tones. PinYin is the most difficult part for foriengn students to study Chinese. Study Chinese is a long course and it will take much time if you don’t study it sytemetically. Don’t afraid, it is not difficult as you think. Our interactive online system is designed to help you study Chinese in easy, smart, short, and professional way. And more about…

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100% Correct Pronunciation

Rich and Wide categories of Vocabulary

Correct your PinYin Pronunciation

100% Chinese Native Speaker Sound

Easy, Smart and Interactive System

Easy to Memorize Vocabularies & Characters