About Program:

Smart Chinese Teacher formed by famous Chinese teacher and excellent overseas students in China. By utilizing Chinese course experience from both teachers and students, the program developed to learn Chinese online in easiest, short, smart, and efficient way.  The program has difference stage which is useful for both beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. Whether you are a student, merchandizer, tourist, artist, job seeker; our Chinese learning program is ultimate solution for you.


About Founder:

about founder of cnpinyin.com

Md. Altab Hossin (Chinese name : 罗祖) from Bangladesh, finished his bachelor, master program in China, and now is a PHD scholar at University of Electronics Science and Technology of China (电子科技大学). He also has several years work experience in China. He was a professional Chinese language interpreter in Chinese company. Being student and work in China, he has a very good Chinese learning experience for more than 8 years. He has achieved HSK4 certificate at 2009. During his life he has devoted a very good labor to study and research Chinese language, and trying to explore his Chinese language experience to the learners. He devoted his golden time to find out Chinese learning method in most easiest, efficient, and smart way. He has developed some award winning and effective Chinese language learning program such as Pinyin Test, Character Test, HSK vocabulary Test, Pinyin Table with sound, Listening Test, Chinese Writing test.

Wish everybody have a good learning and success to learn Chinese language using our program.